Curry on a cold day

Who does not like curry?

I love them. Thai , Indian , Japanese , I love them all.

After touring Hida No Sato, it was time for something warm. There were some Soba(Buckwheat) Noodle shop just outside the open museum but nothing really caught my attention. Till I passed by “御食事処大喜“.

What caught my attention was a couple with dogs going inside the restaurant. A restaurant that allows pet inside, interesting. When I checked the menu, Curry Udon with Hida Gyu. It was settled.
It looks like just another old house in the area.

Looks so warm and cozy just to seat in front of it. A little bit smoky though.

The Sarubobo welcoming the customers.

Nobody was there. I got the whole place to myself.

As soon as I got in, it started snowing again so I choose to sat near the window and gaze upon the falling white powdery snow with a pot of hot tea, free pot of tea of course.

A few minutes later,
Beef Curry
Does it not looks so good?. It was really really good. I enjoyed every bite of it.

The Hida Gyu Mascot , bidding the customer farewell as you pay in the cashier.

I love the place. It has a nice homey feeling to it. The staff were very kind and attentive and the food was oh so good.

If you every visit Hida No Sato, try some of their delish menu and I’m sure you will love as much as I did.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. dragonlife says:

    Superb pictures! Well done! Really enjoyable!

    1. samokan says:

      Thank you very much. I will try to make it more enjoyable next time:)

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