Winter 2013 : Hida no Sato

Hida no Sato is an open air museum located 30 minutes (more or less) walk from JR Takayama Station.  I was very excited when I arrived in Takayama because a friend told me that they were doing a light-up only to be disappointed that it was already over :(. I decided to visit the place on my last day in Takayama.

Sakura Guest House, where I stayed, is only 10 minutes walk to the museum but the road was slippery and of course I was playing with the snow, it took me almost 20 minutes to get there. The guest house also have 100 yen discount coupons for the museum. Regular entrance fee is 700 yen.

Let’s take a look around Hida no Sato. Let’s go.

Hida No Sato
Welcome to Hida no Sato

Hida No Sato
The site that greeted me when I entered. Everything was covered in snow.

Hida No Sato
The Goami Pond. It serves as a reservoir to supply water to the rice paddies. Children play and swam during the summer time and skate during the winter when its frozen.

Hida No Sato
The semi-frozen pond and some of the old houses.

Hida No Sato
Poor little guys , they look so cold.

Majority of the houses are open for viewing.

Hida No Sato
Looks like they make their own cloth too.

Hida No Sato
A sample.

Hida No Sato
One of the houses.

Hida No Sato
Another view of the pond. This area is not frozen.

Hida No Sato
Very snowy trees

Hida No Sato
Can you find the house ? 🙂

Hida No Sato
A small warehouse for Miso.

Hida No Sato
I like how the front porch is made. Nice view while sipping you tea in a cold morning.

Hida No Sato
One of the houses have this little wishing little pond. The water is so clear and very cold.

Hida No Sato
I decided to play a little bit, and build me a little snow man.

Hida No Sato
The pond again on my way out.

It was a nice walk in the snow, exploring the different house. I don’t have much pictures inside the houses though since most of them you have to take off your shoes when you go inside.

If you are in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, I highly recommend checking out his place and get acquainted with the history of this place.

Entrance to the museum is 700 yen.
You can take the bus, a taxi or just walk all the way. I highly recommend the latter if you love to walk or just explore the local neighborhood.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. And for more pictures of Hida no Sato, please visit my flickr album.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. TBM says:

    Love all the snow. I wish is snowed in London.

    1. samokan says:

      the place is beautiful. we had a big snow here in Osaka a few days ago, not fun 🙂

  2. sueslaght says:

    Beautiful winter shots!

    1. samokan says:

      thank you very much. I’m glad you liked them.

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