Osaka’s Slum Area?

Shinsekai or “New World” in English is considered to be one of Japan’s poorest area. I was surprised to know that it has a bad reputation and is considered to the most dangerous area in Osaka. There are lots of improvements around the area lately but a local told me that there is still an area that is not advisable to walk at night specially for women.

Even with this reputation, I have visited Shinsekai twice. The first time I was on my own but I was only there for a few minutes and was only walking around the tourist section. The second time was last weekend together with some meetup folks. Let me take you on a tour around Shinsekai.

The Sunset and the tower
Sunset at Shinsekai and the Tsutenkaku.

Tsutekaku is the landmark around this area. This is the second tower built after the first one was damaged by the fire. Instead of fixing it, they used the steel during the WWII.

The Tower
Welcome to Shinsekai.

the tower and my finger:)
The tower with the big “Hitachi” and a shadow of my finger.

guess who?
Under the tower, I found this interesting life size anime character.

New World
A plaque in a nearby restaurant that say “New World”.

a very expensive eraser
The most expensive eraser I’ve seen so far. That small one is 73,500 yen. I think this is a character of the anime “Kinnikuman or Muscle Man”

store /restaurant
A restaurant with Sumo design.

The Billiken. It seems that the original one is on top of the tower.

Some old folks playing Shougin, the Japanese Traditional Cheese.

And in this side, Go.

Of course, a visit here would not be complete without trying the famous Kushikatsu.

It was fun visiting the place again and discovering new things. This is another place in Osaka that you must not miss checking out.

Hope you had fun with the tour.:)


Any thoughts?

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