Hotel Review : Sakura Guest House

The day I went to Takayama is the start of the winter break for majority of the company all over Japan and since I did not decide the trip one day before I left I  either have to stay in an very expensive place or transfer from one hotel to the other. I was on budget, so when I found a vacant bed in this guesthouse for the 2 nights , for only $40 (approximately) I booked it immediately. Unfortunately, its a dorm room, an a coed one at that.

The first time I stayed in dorm-style room was in Hakone but it was an all female room with a en-suite bathroom but this one is co-ed so I was a bit nervous 🙂

I made the right decision. Sakura Guesthouse is great. Clean, warm and with a big kitchen and really affordable. The owners where really nice old Japanese gentleman who were very helpful and very accommodating. The kitchen have all the necessary amenities for cooking. And they have this in the kitchen too :
Around Takayama

The place is around 15 minutes walk from JR Takayama station on the way to Hida no Sato, which might be a turn off to some but I love long walks so I did not mind at all. There are also two big supermarket along the way, so you can grab some food supply if you want to.

There are 3 shower room is located in the first floor of the house. It was uniquely designed so that you can have you own mini shower room. Washing machine and dryer is also available to use for fee and is also located in the first floor. The rooms are all located in the 2nd floor. Hair dryer for girls are located in the second floor toilet in the girls section. You are also give your own private locker for important things if you are staying in the dorm room. There is also a small reading area located in the 2nd floor.

The bed in the dorm rooms have there own little privacy curtains , own lamp and some power outlet. You also get your own warm blanket which was not necessary for me , since the bed was already very nice and warm.

I also got some discount coupons for a nearby onsen and to Hida No Sato. Just make sure you check first with the owner if they have some discount available and I’m sure they are willing to share it :).
Around TakayamaThe guest house all covered in snow.

If I ever go back to Takayama again, I don’t think I will look for any other place to stay. I will definitely stay here again. 🙂

Sakura Guesthouse in Takayama is not related to the Sakura Hotel/Guesthouse in Tokyo.


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  1. TBM says:

    Sounds great. I once stayed in a place that had co-ed bathrooms. This one looks much nicer.

    1. samokan says:

      It is really a very nice guesthouse to stay in.

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