Manhole : Minokamo City

On my way to Takayama , I had to wait more than an hour at Minoota Station which is located in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture.

Just outside the station, I found this:

Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture


It looks like the city has a great history connected to its River and one of the many things to do when you visit is to take a river cruise along the Kiso River. It’s really amazing that this little sewerage cover that we take for granted tells a lot about the history of the place. No need to go museum 🙂


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  1. dragonlife says:

    Beautiful! It is a water access manhole cover!

    1. samokan says:

      Thank you. Oh yeah it is, thanks for pointing that out.

      1. dragonlife says:

        A friend of mine has found a book on Japanese manholes written in English! I should be able to write a report on it soon!

        1. samokan says:

          Cool. I guess many people are really interested and fascinated about the designs of manhole cover here in Japan.

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