Manhole : Toyonaka City

Toyonaka City is a residential area of Osaka Prefecture. At first I thought it is part of Hyogo Prefecture already but it is still Osaka. When I was living around the Northern part of Osaka City, I used to take Japanese lesson, free lesson at the Toyonaka International Center. I owe them a lot and I will be forever grateful.

Anyways, I finally found the city’s design for their manhole cover.

Toyonoka City (Yellow) , Osaka Prefecture

It’s colored Yellow.

Toyonaka City(Colored) , Osaka Prefecture
A Full colored one.

Majority of the designs I found so far is that the middle part is usually the City’s flag but in the case of Toyonaka, it looks like it is the City’s Mascot called Machekane-Kun and then it is surrounded by the City’s symbol for flower : Rose.

I was really amazed when I saw this just a few minutes walk from Hankyu Sone Station on the way to Hattori Ryokuchi Park. It was definitely a great find.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. dragonlife says:

    A real beauty! Bravo!

    1. samokan says:

      Thank you. It was definitely a great find.

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