Scenic Train Route To Takeda Castle

It takes around 2 more hours to get to JR Takeda Station from Himeji by the JR Bantan Line. The train was only operated by one person, the driver and has only two cars. Trains in the city are operated by two people, the driver and the person in the back of train to close the doors. So when I got on the train I got excited since it was an old model with big windows, so I am in for a treat with the view and I was not wrong.


Foggy mountain after a few minutes of train ride from JR Himeji Station. Hmmm, the ride looks very promising.


Snow covered trees !!!

Suddenly it snowed, we were all excited but a bit worried that we will not be able to get to the top of the ruins because of the snow.


This would be a nice place to swim and have picnic in the summer.

JR Takeda Station. Unfortunately though by the time we left Teramae Station, snow turned to rain and it did not stopped until we left the castle.

Stations on the Bantan Line are not equipped with ICOCA or IC card reader so it would be advisable and less hassle if you just get the normal train ticket. Trains also run like buses, you get a piece of paper when you get on and you look at the big electronic board in front of the first car for the amount the you need to pay when you get off. Exit is on the first car. Some stations like Teramae and Takeda have train staff manning the gate so the driver does not collect any payment from these stops. You pay at the station but again they do not have IC card reader so computation for the train fare are done manually and you are given a note that you have paid and when you get back to the big city or a station with and IC card reader , you can have it reset there.

It was a very nice ride. I love local trains 🙂


Any thoughts?

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