Castle in the Sky

No, I am not talking about the ghibli movie but of the ruins of Takeda Castle.

The Takeda Castle constructed on the mountain is one of one hundred famous castles in Japan. Its base was constructed in the 15th century and the scale is 400m from north to south and 100m from east to west. Even now it has a grand and dignified appearance and a magnificent view.

The weather forecast for the whole week was from Sunny to Cloudy then unfortunately rain. I was hoping for a cloudy weather so that we can see the fog covering the castle giving it’s name “Castle in the Sky” , unfortunately weather was not very accommodating to us.

Six brave individuals(including me) joined me as we walked in the rain, sleet and very cold weather all the way up to the ruins.

The trail featured in Heart Of Japan  was closed, so we have to use the bus/car road all the way up. Some of us were not wearing hiking boots and not hiking experts so it was the safest way to go up.


It was still an amazing view on the top. It was only drizzling so we still got a decent view. Unfortunately our plan to have a small picnic for lunch was not possible at all since there were no chair and the ground was wet and cold.

Ruins of Takeda CastleThe original plan was to wait for the sunset but we were all wet and very cold so we went down after exploring the areas that was open to the public. Some of the areas were closed since it was slippery and no railing to hold on to.

Beside the weather factor, I still had so much fun and of course the company that I was with was one of the main reason. Cold and wet we were still goofing around, stopped at a nearby parking lot , shared our food and warm drinks before we head back to Osaka.

Trains coming and going to Takeda are not very often so make sure you make it to your connection or you will have to wait an hour or two for the next train.

Access: JR Takeda Station

Information: Just beside the station, there is a small tourist information center and the lady in there is very kind and helpful. You can also get some map and hiking information from them.

Entrance: 300 yen from early Spring to Late Autumn. It was free when we got there. Just inquire in the tourist information center if they are charging on the day you will go.

More picture are uploaded on the flickr album : Exploring Takeda Castle Ruins


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  1. Hi! great post! I was searching google about the Takeda castle ruins and those who climbed it during winter. I am planning to climb this coming weekend. At least I have an idea now what I’ll be expecting. Great blog by the way! God speed!

    1. samokan says:

      Have fun. The weather in Asago City this coming weekend looks promising. And I’m glad you can use the information here.

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