Osaka Autumn 2013 : Nozaki

I have featured Nozaki a few times in this blog and I am going to add another one :).

It was just one of those Saturday where you could either stay at home or enjoy a good walk in the cold, I choose the latter. Weather said it was going to be a sunny day but as soon I walked outside these clouds greeted me.


Definitely not sunny. I had my little umbrella with me so I was not deter and continued on. I was glad I did. These were some of the views and colors that greeted me when I reached Nozaki Kannon.

Maple Tree @ Nozaki Temple

The big maple tree at the entrance of the Temple.

Autumn @ Nozaki Temple

Near the entrance to the hiking trail at the back of the temple.

Autumn @ Nozaki Temple
Some close up shot with the iPhone 4S camera.

Autumn @ Nozaki Temple

Autumn @ Nozaki Temple
Located at the back of the temple. There are some benches on the end where you could enjoy the view of Daito City and of the Osaka City too.

Autumn @ Nozaki Temple

A View from where I was seating.

Autumn @ Nozaki Temple
The sun has decided to grace us with her presence 🙂

Autumn @ Nozaki Temple
The bell at the side of the temple.

It did not rain at all while I was there. It was a nice walk and an afternoon well spent enjoying the colors of nature.


Any thoughts?

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