Kyoto Autumn 2013 : Eistsuin

The original plan was to finish around 3 pm at a tea house called Ippodo Tea Room but during our group talk at Shin-nyo-do everybody want something more filling than tea and sweets. Everybody was hungry.

We decided to walk to Shijo and Kawaramachi area where both Keihan Line or Hankyu Line is found so that if anybody decides to go home instead it would be easier and of course there are more choices of places to eat and drink around the area.

On our way , we passed by a small temple called Eisetsuin.

At first I actually thought it was a private residence or establishment but it turned out to be a small temple.

One of the participants decided to check out the tree near the gate and the next thing I know everybody was going inside to see the garden at the back.

Oh well 🙂

The Buddha and The Trees

Peeking through the door.

An experimental shot.

We walked another 30 or 40 minutes and ended up in near Hankyu Kawaramachi Station. Everybody decided to join for a short drink and some dinner. It was a fun day. I was very happy that we had such a beautiful day during our hike but sad since T was not able to join because of work.

I hope you enjoyed this series of post of autumn beauty around Kyoto.

Till Next Autumn 🙂


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