Kyoto Autumn 2013 : Shin-nyo-do

From Nanzenji, our next destination was supposed to be Kyoto Gyoen which is more or less an hour walk from Nanzenji but somehow our destination changed again which was actually
a much better location. The place was called Shin-nyo-do but we like to call it Mr.K’s special place since he was the one who suggested and guided us there.

This was probably my favorite place of the day. The colors where just beautiful. There was also a 3 or 4 story pagoda which made a really nice backdrop to the place. There was a fee if you enter the special section inside the main hall but exploring the ground is totally free.

We stayed here a little bit longer and just enjoy the peacefulness and the beauty while resting our very tired feet.

From Kyoto Station ( Torimaru Central Exit)
Take the City Bus #5 from A1 or Bus #17 from A2 , around 40 minutes.

From Hankyu Shijo Kawaramachi Station
Take either Bus#5 or Bus #17 , around 20 minutes.

From Sanjo Keihan Station
Take Bus #5 , around 15 minutes

From Keihan Demachiyanagi Station
Take Bus #17, Chinchin Bus #102 or Bus#203 , around 10 minutes

From Subway Marutamachi Station
Take Bus #93 or Bus #204 about 10 minutes


The view from back of the temple.

The diety or is it the monk ? and the maple leaves.

Side view of the main hall and the maple tree.

Another one.

A peek to the main hall from the maple tree.

The ground and the pagoda

The pagoda hidden among the maple trees.

The ground near the pagoda .

A peek of the pagoda.

More colorful trees.

Going out now.

Another peek at the pagoda on our way out.

Next year, if I am still in Japan, I would definitely try to visit this place again.


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