Delicious treats in Nishiki

Let’s take a short break from all the autumn leaves and explore more about food in Kyoto.

Nishiki is a long line of stores located in near Shijo Avenue. Lots of fried food and pickled veggies to choose from and of course little Kyoto trinkets everywhere.


Shouga means Ginger. The little red in it are actually the pickled ginger turned into tempura. Oh so good. I could easily eat several pieces of it.

20131129-171017.jpgLittle squid on a stick. Unfortunately though I did not try this one. Next time.

There are several interesting things you can find along this narrow line of stores. One is this pumpkin pickle.

20131201-220417.jpgWhen I tried it , it taste like cucumber. Does not taste like pumpkin at all. I got one and T just loves it.  Unfortunately though according to the saleslady, it autumn’s limited edition pickled veggies. So I am not sure if it will still be available now.

Nishiki Market is definitely a must place to visit when you are in Kyoto area specially if you are looking for traditional Japanese treats and trinkets in one place.



Any thoughts?

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