Hoshida’s Suspension Bridge

I finally drag T with me last Sunday to go look for this suspension bridge or commonly known as 星田ブランコ(Hoshida Buranko). The website said that the nearest station is Kisachi Station (私市駅) but in some hiking website, it said that it is also possible to go from JR Hoshida Station. I could not find a decent map to the place and when I tried to look for it a few weeks back, I got rained on and got lost. So my next plan was to drag T to help me look for it.

We got to Hoshida Station past noon and tried to look for a decent map of the place, the only one we could find is this.20131125-120450.jpg

Unfortunately though, we can’t take this with us since its mounted on the wall :p

As we were figuring out how to get there, another old lady was also asking directions from the station master for location and when she overheard us , she asked to come along.  To make the story short, we ended up going together. I was able to get us at the intersection of Myokuenguchi but from there we were not sure how to proceed. While T was trying to figure out the map, she decided to asked some of the residents crossing the streets. A very nice old lady told us a short direction but it took us into the residential area and nowhere near our goal.

K-san, the old lady’s name found another resident and was able to get us a guide. We were all amaze that the father let his son go and guide us all the way to the temple area, where we are supposed to go to start the trail. Half-way through the temple , there was another local resident, a retired teacher of a local school where the boy go. When we got out of the trail, the boy told us that it was the farthest he could take us. We thanked him and he immediately ran off.

Our next guide was the retired teacher, another very nice old lady. She was actually with her family and they were visiting a local fair which was along the same trail that we were supposed to go to. We also checked out the fair but unfortunately it was already 2PM and most of the food stalls where already empty so we said our thank you and good byes and continued on.

Another 20 minutes or so later, we finally reached our destination.


The bridge was about 300M (I think) and it was amazing especially with all the autumn colors in its background.


It said Katano City Bridge : Star’s Suspension Bridge.


Time to cross it. 20131125-115444.jpg

Beautiful Colors.


when we crossed the bridge, we decided to go on and take the train from Kisaichi Station. On our way down we found a wall climbing area too.


I really wanted to try it, but I was not wearing a stretchable jeans and I’ve kids for competition too 🙂 but definitely next time.

We continued our way down and when we reached the parking area at the foot of the mountain we thought we are almost near the station. We were all surprised to find out that the nearest station is about 2 -3 KM away, so we have to walk at least 20 minutes to get there.

We finally found the train and got home safely. K-san was with us the whole time and we said our goodbyes when we got off at our train stop and she continued on.

It was a Sunday well spent.


Any thoughts?

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