Hiking Mount Higashi Otafuku

After the destructive power of Tyhoon Yolanda,  I decided to push through with my plan to join a hiking event to Mt. Higashi Otafuku in Hyogo Prefecture Japan.

Nature might have the power of destruction but it is also beauty and life itself. I’m glad I did and I was able to admire more of Nature .
Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku

A few minutes of navigating the trail, getting lost a few times, we found ourselves with this view.
Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku

Most trail here in Japan are converted into concrete stairs so we were really happy about the trail we took. A little bit more rugged. 🙂

Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku

This is the mountain that we are supposed to go to.

Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku

I guess we have reached the “stone trail”. Good luck to us.

Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku

And so it begun.

Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku

I could not believe I just climb this one.

Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku

But we are not yet done. We have to get into that little space in between the rocks to get to the top.

Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku

The view that was waiting for us.

You thought we are done? Of course not.  We still have a long way to go. We walked for more than 30 minutes till we were at a small clearing where all the hikers where taking a break and having lunch.

After a short lunch we  move on but along the way we decided to change our course and instead of going all the way to the bus stop on the other side of the mountain and take the bus going back to the city, we opted to walk back. But first we have to find one more location called “Somewhere” 🙂
Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku

We found “Somewhere”.

Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku
Another Panoramic View of “Somewhere”. It was a beautiful place. The trees have just started changing colors so I’m sure this place would be beautiful by now.

On our way back to the station , Hankyu Okamoto Station, we passed by this waterfalls.
Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku

and some maple trees slowly changing colors
Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku

Near the train station we found several wild boar in the empty river.
Hiking Mt. Higashi Otafuku

I was glad I decided to join. It took my mind off the recent disaster and gave me some time to enjoy Nature and of course the company was great.

This is the trail we followed, sorry only in Japanese.


Any thoughts?

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