Another Thai Restaurant in Osaka

We found this small restaurant near Tenma Station in Osaka City but during that time it was way past lunch and still a few hours before they open for dinner so T and I decided to come back another time.

We finally found a good time one Sunday afternoon to try this small Thai Restaurant.  Lunch set was 700 yen. No lunch buffet or anything. And during the times we were there ( 2 times already) nobody was smoking.



The restaurant is about 5 minutes walk from JR Tenma Station. There is a small Thailand flag outside and the restaurant is located on the ground floor.



Lunch Set including a small plate of salad , a bowl of soup and a small bowl of dessert and hot or cold coffee after the meal.

20131106-222041.jpgT decided to try their green papaya salad and oh my was it spicy. It was really good.

The second time we went there, I ordered the green curry lunch set. I did not like it much. Next time maybe I will try Ramen or Pad Thai.

Happy Eating.




Any thoughts?

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