Travel Theme: Height

I am so behind with my challenges so forgive me for that.  The weather has been so nice this past few days, nice and warm and not humid so I was finally out and about exploring with my bicycle. If the weather stays like this I do not care if autumn or winter is late, I will be content and very happy but alas that happiness was cut short when the temperature dropped so suddenly yesterday to 16C. I was still wearing a thin summer clothes but thankfully  I had a blazer with me but still by the time I arrived home, my ears where hurting. And the strong cold winds was not helping at all. So I guess Autumn has finally arrived 🙂

Nways. back to the theme: Height.


In the intersection between Sonezaki Avenue and Midosuji Avenue.  I feel like a little dwarf walking around this tall buildings.


Sorry a little blurry. This was taken at the Community Forest at Arcata California. Lovely tall trees.

Ishikiri Jinja

The white gate to Ishikiri Shrine in Higashi Osaka.

Have a nice weekend everyone. Hope you liked my entries for this theme 🙂


Any thoughts?

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