Classy Dining at Kobe Kitano Hotel

A very talented photographer and new found friend Kumiko won a free dinner for two at Kobe Kitano Hotel recently. When she posted in her FB page that she was looking for someone to go with her, I immediately jump at the opportunity.  I am not a very lucky girl when it comes to winning something, but I have a talent of finding free things. Anyways fast forward, I met K at Sannomiya station around 5;30ish in the afternoon we walked together to the hotel.

Personally I am not a fan of fine dining. I always prefer comfy and homier style of eating but hey it’s free so I should just enjoy it.

20131009-115329.jpgDrinks was not included so we have to get one for each. I ordered a drink called  Vert or something.  That small glass is around $8.

20131009-115344.jpgOur opening dish. Fish and small salad. They had a name for this too but it was in French and I don’t speak French. It was really good. 🙂

20131009-115400.jpgA very interesting soup.  The waitress did explain what it was. All I can remember is that everything were veggies. Very good too.


The fish. Cooked with lots of mushroom and lemon, it was oh so good.


Our main dish. Steak. They did not asked us how it should be cooked so we both got a medium rare steak. I prefer well done but this one was cooked almost perfectly. On top was sweet onion locally grown around Hyogo Prefecture. The sauce was lovely. Don’t asked me about the sauce, I don’t remember it anymore :p



Then our dessert came. This one was fruits with a sort of cotton candy on top.

20131009-115424.jpgMy fave; Creme Brulee  with Strawberry Sauce. I could have eaten more than one serving but it was pricey and I did not have money in me 😀

20131009-115454.jpgHome made ice cream. I think it was made of peach.


It was a very nice experience. K and I have a very lively conversation which made the meal more delicious. Thank you very much Miss Kumiko, I had a lovely time 🙂








Any thoughts?

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