Cycling for Health

The weather has been great this past few days. It is still warm but it’s not humid that you will melt in just a few minutes when you are out. For the past two weekends, I have been cycling as far as my legs allows me too. Last week I was able to cycle more or less 25 KM and yesterday around 35 KM around Osaka City. 20131007-120104.jpg


Sakuranomiya Bridge

20131007-120133.jpgTenjinbashisuji  Bridge crossing Yodo River

20131007-120156.jpgOsaka Mint Museum. I need to check this place soon.


A newly made Bicycle Lane in Honmachi Avenue. Unfortunately when I tried it yesterday, majority of the cars are not aware that it was there and they are not supposed to used it so they basically block me during the stop. One car almost came close to and then swerve back into the bicycle lane. I think it’s still have way done but it’s good to know that the city is trying to implement this. I hope it will be implemented all over the city.

My legs still felt tired, I still feel tired but not in pain.  Till next bicycle weekend 🙂



Any thoughts?

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