Manhole : Oyamazaki and Shimamoto

We went again to the Suntory Whiskey Factory and this time I made sure that I have some manhole pictures of the area.


Nice and Color Fire truck design.

20130910-150409.jpgShimamoto, If you look closely at the design, there is a flower design which is actually the areas flower: Yamabuki ( Kerria or Japanese Yellow Rose). Then there is a river or stream coming from the mountain and on the bottom area ( near where the characters are), I think these are fireflies.

20130910-150403.jpgA few minutes walk away from where I found Shimamoto manhole cover, I found Oyamazakicho one. The bird is the city’s symbol called Uguisu or Japanese Nightingale. Then Sakura or Cherry Blossom which is the area’s flower symbol. I think the other side is the tree which is Akamatsu or Japanese Red Pine. So in this one cover alone, you will know the area’s bird, flower and tree symbol.

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4 thoughts on “Manhole : Oyamazaki and Shimamoto

  1. TBM

    So interesting. I need to pay closer attention when I travel.

    • It is, I found a nice in San Francisco but I think most countries are not that keen with manhole designs compared to Japan 🙂

  2. Fabulous finds and photos.

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