Going Portugalia in Osaka

After our long vacation R,R and me decided to have our once in month or two lunch date. V just arrived from her vacation too but she had guest with her so she passed this time.

R already mentioned this to us that her friend is the Chef cook of this restaurant and we accidentally found it a few months ago and decided to give it a try this time. A Filipino Chef on a Portuguese restaurant , sounds interesting. Lunch is affordable enough, 990 Yen ($10) budget per person. The set includes soup, salad, home made bread, main dish and coffee.

But since R knows the chef personally , he was very happy to see us there ( I think 🙂 ). Anyways, we got some free delicious crab croquette from him.


The very delicious treat from the George Chef himself.

For our main dish , the 3 of us decided to get 3 different kind and just share them. I got me a Sea Bass dish.

20130905-083623.jpgThe portion might be small but for someone who is trying to get rid of some extra flab , the serving is just right. Of course we already had a green peas soup , a plate of salad , some bread and not to mention the croquette before the main dish, so I was slowly getting full.

Afterwards we were served with some coffee and then another surprise , this time from the store manager himself. At first we thought it was from the Chef again, but he denied it and said it was from the store manager. Whoever it was from, it was more than welcome in our table.

20130905-083632.jpgFree Portuguese egg tart with a dash of Cinnamon powder, the perfect match for a fresh cup of hot coffee.

The 3 of us were very happy with all the treats. We all came in hungry and we came out really full.

If you are looking for some Portuguese food in Osaka, I highly recommend visiting Portugalia.  Good food , good ambiance, great service and most of all its a NO SMOKING restaurant cafe.


Any thoughts?

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