The Avenue of the Giants

This is probably one of my favorite part during our long drive to Northern California. Unfortunately we did not stop or take a walk this time but I love the idea of slowly cycling through the Avenue of the Giants. The trees were huge as if the Ents were taking care of them but I heard that these were actually new, the old ones were already cut and murdered a long time ago.  Hopefully in the near future, I can go back there and enjoy a day just walking around those Redwoods.

20130828-115031.jpgWe are entering the Redwoods State Park now. Excited to see some Giants 🙂

20130828-114831.jpgJust one part of the Park. As you go further , the trees get bigger. I was enjoying the ride so much i forgot to take some pictures.

20130828-115056.jpgOf course we have to pass the town of Garberville first.



Any thoughts?

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