Hotel Review : Misakiso

T and I wanted to try some of the beaches here in Japan. Our first choice was Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture but getting to place is not that convenient if you don’t own a car. Most of the people I know usually rent a car and just share the expenses. Another thing is that the accommodation were a little pricey to our budget.  Searching and more searching and trying to decipher Kanji , I finally found Goza Shirahama in Mie Prefecture. We found and affordable and fast way using Kintentsu Line. Next would be accommodation.

I was looking at the Mie Prefecture tourist website and since I could not find any Goza information, I contacted them and was kind enough to direct me to the correct website in which I found Misakiso Hotel/Ryokan. One thing that I like when i was checking their website is that prices are the same whether its normal days or holidays and the picture of the food was so delicious.  And then the location, the beach is just a few seconds or a minute away. Once you get out the hotel, there is a direct stairs to the beach.

T and I decided to reserve the one of their “plan” since we are not sure if there are restaurant in the area, which was the right decision. We opted for the cheapest(伊勢志摩の海の幸♪やすらぎ風景と旬の味覚プラン) which is 8,800 yen/person ($90) which includes breakfast and dinner. And the food was oh so heavenly. Fresh catch of day cooked in several ways.  The price was definitely worth it.

They put us in the first floor of the building fronting the beach and our room has its own toilet and bath. It was a Japanese style room good for 2 people and we also have a small area where we can seat and have some tea while listening to the sound of the waves.

The hotel also provided us with free transport to and from the port area all for free. Hotel does not accept credit card so make sure to have enough cash on you.

The service, let’s just say we were treated like king and queen :).

If I ever go back to Goza, there is no question this is the place that I would stay again.

Any thoughts?

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