Hotel Review: Apollo Hotel (Ho Sen 2)

I think this is the cleanest and most comfortable hotel we stayed during our Cambodia-Vietnam Trip.  Situated at the heart of Ho Chi Minh , where major tourist destination is just a few minutes walk away.

The only thing I did not like about the hotel is that either they will keep your passport for the duration of your stay or you pay in advance. The hotel staff was all nice and polite when T was with me but one time when he was not around the bell boy(?) or one of the male staff did not even bother opening the door or even gave me a greeting, oh well, can’t be bother with it. They can think whatever they want of me, T’s escort or whatever that is their problem, I know who I am.

Nways, beside that part everything was great. They upgraded our room which was really nice.  Lots of choices for breakfast.

The staff were polite and attentive to our needs. The room they gave us was spacious and clean and was kept clean every day.

Will I stay again in this hotel? Definitely. Good price, good location , good breakfast and good service.



Any thoughts?

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