The Art of Parfait-ing

Presentation is definitely a key point in every Japanese cuisine. When I first saw this so called Parfait in some of the Japanese restaurant, my tummy got immediately curious.  I need to experience some of these treats and fortunately T love parfait too. Some of the artsy parfait that I and T tried so far.


Mango Flavored Parfait.

We found this at the top of HEP 5  Osaka. It was huge so T and I decided to just share it.


Choco Parfait with Autumn Fruit and Strawberry.


A mix ice cream parfait.

There are more varieties and I am just trying to control myself not to try them all 🙂 .

Parfait can be found everywhere in Japan.  Some are seasonal and some are just crazily arranged. Another one thing to try when you visit Japan 🙂


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14 thoughts on “The Art of Parfait-ing

  1. Most definitely contenders for a place in an art gallery. I would agree that the enjoyment of food is at least fifty percent presentation; the rest is aroma, taste, and texture. Your pictures seem to have it all. Brilliant. Scrumptious.

  2. Whoa…I’m hungry now. Were those expensive?

  3. I’m going to have to lose weight BEFORE I come to visit!

  4. Looks amazing! Great post!

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