The Pho Moment

T got some good recommendation for Vietnam restaurant here in Osaka , Vietnam Frog. It’s time to give it a try 🙂

It is currently located at the Basement 2 of New Hankyu Bldg. 8 (新阪急八番街B2F)

20130730-151858.jpgChicken Flavor Pho

20130730-151905.jpgBeef Flavor Pho

One thing we noticed though is that there’s not much vegetable in it . When I had my first Pho in Ho Chi Minh, a big plate of vegetable was also served but in Vietnam Frog, no veggie plate. What you see in the picture is the only vegetable. They did offer us Cilantro which we agree immediately.

Both Pho are good. no question about it and the serving where more than enough for me. BUT I think it’s too Japanize already, I really can’t blame them for it, since it’s located in Japan and if they do not cater to the local customer then business might stop.

if you are not too picky with your Pho then I highly recommend this place for a good bowl of Pho.


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  1. Lrong says:

    Hi there… thanks for ‘liking’ my page… I like pho, and I might look this shop up in my future travels to Osaka… the photos look good…

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