Beer And Manhole

Another Suntory Factory that T and I visited last weekend was the Beer Factory located in Kyoto. The tour is free and of course there is a free tasting afterwards. We also got some freebie Suntory Beer Glass since we did our reservation through the web, unfortunately it is only in Japanese. You can also call them at 075-952-2020 but you will not get the beer glass. Make sure that you bring a copy of your confirmation email as proof when you claim the glass.

20130719-113305.jpgThe beer factory. It was raining so we have to use their bus to get to the place which is about 30 seconds away. Picture taken from the bus. Each of the tank contains thousand of liters of beer. ( I forgot the exact contents 🙂 )

20130719-113323.jpgWort Production on the way. The room was very hot and those huge tank were also warm.


I think this is the Storage area already.

We went all the way to the canning area, but there was no canning going on. I think they were finish for the day so they just show us some video on the the beers are put in each can.

Then its tasting time. I don’t drink beer so T got my share to which he is most happy to obliged.




The Suntory Premium Malts.


Suntory Malt Beer

Each guest can have a refill. I think you can refill 3 times. Non-Alcoholic beer is also available to try. Juice and tea were also provided for people who can’t have the beer. Drivers are not allowed to have some beer. Of course peanuts and what not were also provided , all for free.


A very zen garden while drinking your beer.


Beers on display.

Of course on our way home, I saw this:


Manhole of this area: Nagaoka , Kyoto.

Tours usually starts around 10:30 in the morning. Check their calendar for specific schedule on the day you plan to go, sorry only Japanese. The factory is about 20-25 minutes walk from the station but they have provided shuttle bus for free. You can get on from either JR Nagaokakyo , Hankyu NagaokaTenji or NagaokaTemangu.  For detail schedule of the shuttle bus , check out the access page.

Tours are all in Japanese so make sure you ask for a prerecorded audio.


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  1. TBM says:

    That sounds like a great tour. And I’m surprised it’s all free. Most of the time I’ve had to pay a small fee when I went in the US.

    1. samokan says:

      It was, especially the freebies :). A bit difficult to get a reservation though, it get full really fast.

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