Hotel Review: Syaz Meridien Hotel

When my dear friend R and his family decided that we can meet in Melaka, Malaysia we opted to stay in Syaz Meridien Hotel since they have a family room good for 4 people, it was also affordable, have free breakfast buffet , wifi and our room it seems have a view of the sea.

view_roomThere was no balcony but we did have a small window with this view.

It took us very long time to find a hotel. All of us don’t have a wifi connection, so no GPS and no phone to call the hotel for direction, we tried looking for a pay phone too but no luck finding one. Some of the locals where very nice giving us directions. We took the long route going to the hotel and found out later that following the river all the way to the ocean was the easier and shorter way to get there.

Room : Clean with two big beds. Toilet was also clean and with basic amenities. Carpet was freshly vacuumed which made me very happy , no sneezing for me.

Staff : was very friendly and polite.

Food:  They served halal food only. My friend was complaining because he wanted some bacon for breakfast but I think the food was really good and lot’s of choice. Had a very good breakfast the next day.

Location: It is just about 5-10 minutes walk from everything so it’s fairly accessible.

Lot’s of local restaurant nearby serving really good Malaysia cuisine so no problem looking for a place to eat.

If you are looking for an affordable place to stay in Melaka, Malysia with a good breakfast, Syaz Meridien is good place to stay.

side_syazSide view of the hotel.


Any thoughts?

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