A week of Crappines ?

Summer is definitely here in Japan. This week was suddenly so hot and humid that I caught bug and turned my whole week into crap.

I woke up all sweaty but a long shower did the trick and I was still feeling a little bit hot but that’s okay. Walk for 15-20 minutes to the train station with my trusted umbrella, and hand gloves but I was all sweaty when I got there. Got into the train and I noticed that the air-con was blasting more than usual and unfortunately I got stuck right underneath one of the vent, lucky me. Since the train was packed I could not move to a different location not until after 10 minutes. Got to the office and it felt like winter inside.

First, I am not really a fan of air conditioning system or as the Japanese calls them “Cooler”.  Believe it or not I do not own one. In the weekday, I leave early for work and come back late ( not that late) so the temperature has cool down a bit. In the weekend, open all doors and windows and let the air in and if it really gets to hot, I go to the library to do some reading. Not only do I help the environment but I save a lot on electricity 🙂

So how did my week turned crappy? Somebody got into the office with a cold and unfortunately I got it too :(. By Tuesday, I can feel the slight tickle in my throat and it was downhill from there. Thursday morning I felt so weak that I have to come in for work late. By the end of the day, the tickle in my throat turned into a whopping cough, which is very rare for me. I get sinusitis attack, clogged nose or colds but never cough.

Good thing it’s a three-day weekend so I get to stay in bed or in the house away from direct heat or air conditioning “Cooler” system. But anyway enough of that, I would like to introduce you to some of my Summer protectors.

Since I opted to walk to the train station instead of cycling ( parking is a bit pricey), I have to at least protect me from direct sunlight, my team of protectors :

20130714-205144.jpgFrom the top:

arm gloves/cover :  I don’t really care if I get darker, I am already brown but its more for skin protection from harmful rays. This one was a gift from a dear friend L and is really really useful in these days.

Sunscreen : I don’t think it needs explanation

The Sun visor : this is a cheap one I found in the 100 yen shop. I can’t bike while holding an umbrella , and I am wearing an eyeglass. This one really helps while I’m on a bike keeping away direct sunlight from my face and it can serve as my big sunglasses.

Netsu Sama Sheet(Cooling Gel Sheet)  : Normally it’s supposed to used when you’re having a fever but this version can also be use even when you are just feeling hot. It’s supposed to be  good for 4 hours but after an hour or so, the sheet on my forehead felt so hot and was already slowly removing itself from from forehead.  I’m not sure if it was supposed to do that though 🙂

Umbrella : My most trusted and fold-able black umbrella ( not in the picture , was wet from rain when I took this picture). Always in bag. My trusted companion and protects me from rain or too much sun.

Of course there is always the mini-towel and sometimes an extra shirt. Now we are all set for summer. I wish summer would end soon and have a longer autumn 🙂

One more day of rest and hopefully the cough will go away completely so that I can resume my 10-20 minutes morning run 🙂


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  1. You’re going without an air conditioner? Wow. I most certainly could never do that. I depend on it for survival, lol.

    1. samokan says:

      Yes, no air conditioner. Even in my old place before, I only use it when I have guest in the house so there was no point of buying one now.

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