Comfort Food: Horumon Yaki


Horumonyaki (Japanese: ホルモン焼き) is a kind of Japanese cuisine made from beef or pork offal. Kitazato Shigeo, the chef of a yōshoku restaurant, one that specializes in Western-derived cuisine, in Osaka devised this dish, and registered a trademark in 1940.[1] The name horumon is derived from the word “hormone“, which means “stimulation” in Greek.[2] The name horumon is also similar to the Kansai dialect term hōrumon (放る物), which means “discarded goods”. Horumonyaki has a reputation for being a “stamina building” food.[3]

This is another must eat when you are in Osaka. There are lots of this establishment not only in Osaka but everywhere in Tokyo and maybe other areas of Japan. I remember watching a Japanese food show before featuring this grilled meat and why it’s getting the hype especially with the female species, it’s the collagen or as the Japanese called it “コラーゲン”, which is said to be good for the skin.

Good for the skin or not, it’s good.


One of my favorite place to get this treat without being attacked by cigarette smoke while eating is the “天神ホルモン” located at the 8th floor of Yodobashi Camera Umeda. Set meals starts from 800 yen up. It includes a big bowl of rice, Miso Soup and some pickles.

Another dish that I tried last time I went there with T is called “Sumotsu (すもつ)”, it’s a cow stomach, boil and season with spices, it was really good.



happy tummy ,happy me 🙂


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  1. samokan says:

    It’s one of the few things I can’t get over with here in Japan. Izakaya are almost always allows smoking.

  2. TBM says:

    Not sure I’ve had offal before. And you can smoke in some restaurants?

    1. samokan says:

      In Japan, smoking in a restaurant is NORMAL, it’s really annoying. Some restaurants inside big department store are usually non-smoking which is really good.

      1. TBM says:

        It was like that when I was younger, but they outlawed it many years ago. When I visit countries that still allow it I’m always shocked.

  3. I’m a fan of thin horumon, it takes sauce well and is a real treat. The dishes in your pictures look really good. Thick horumon isn’t my thing though, too fatty.

    1. samokan says:

      this is the thin version. I think they do have the thicker ones but I find it too chewy and difficult to eat and yes too fatty also.

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