A day in Suma

Suma is one of the wards located in Kobe City , Hyogo Prefecture. I heard about the beach there but never really had the chance of visiting it. My Japanese friend N & Y did not also encourage me to go there. I think it was Y who told me before that it was dirty being near to the Kobe Port. I’ve passed it several times going to Himeji or Awaji Island but never bother to stop.

When I invited me over, I took the chance and it was nice. Families, couples and group of friends with their respected tents are scattered along the shore. Children were playing and shouting in the water. The sand or I think it is more right to call it pebbles were more brown than white.  The water was clear and cold. From there you can also see the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.

20130702-120110.jpgA panoramic view of the area from a nearby restaurant.

If not for swimming, it’s actually a great place for families and friends to go picnic and just relax.

Getting There ( From Osaka ): Take the JR Kobe Line and get off at either Sumakaihen Kouen Station or Suma Station.  Only the local trains stops at the first.


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