Hotel Review : Zen No Yu (禅の湯)


During our winter trip to Izu (2011), we found this really nice hotel with their own Onsen(Hot Spring) and just a few minutes ( around 10 minutes ) walk to the 7 waterfalls of Kawazu (nanadaru).

Nearest station is Kawazu Station and from the station you need to take the bus at Bus Stop #3 and get off at “慈眼院前” or “JigeninMae”.  Make sure to check the bus schedule since there are very limited bus going up to the area. When T and I arrived at Kawazu Station, we took our time and decided just to walk all the way to the place. It took us almost an hour( I think) cause we kept on stopping along the way. The route was very scenic but we noticed that not many people walk up there since there were no side walk along the way.

The place is family owned, and of course we were the only foreigner there. The room was spacious with our own small lavatory for washing hands/face or brushing teeth. The toilet is just across the halfway and the bath is the Onsen itself . There were no en-suite bath, so you have to go down to the first floor where the  Onsen is located.

We only book for a room but for an extra 600 yen, we can eat dinner at their restaurant. Food at the restaurant are only made if there are reservations, so you can be assured that its all freshly made. Ingredients were all harvested from either their own farm or local farmer. Food was really , really good.

I highly recommend staying at this place if you’re ever in the area or for just an onsen getaway in the middle of the mountain.

Credit card (visa) are accepted but cash is still preferred.



Any thoughts?

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