Hotel Review: Santiago Bay Garden and Resort

During our family trip to Camotes Island last 2012, my sister recommended Santiago Bay Garden and Resort. This was my first trip to Camotes, so I trusted her recommendation.

The resort is one of few luxury hotel you can find in the island. It has a sister resort called Mangudlong  Rock Resort and Green Lake Park. If you stay in either one these resort, you can also enter for free in either of the two, as what the staff told us.

I cannot review the food since we went out in the nearby restaurant to eat. It seems that they do have a buffer dinner for 200 Pesos/person ( $5).

Our room was clean and was good enough for the family. We got the cheapest air conditioned room and even though it was on the side, we still got a really great view of the sea. The staff were very polite and helpful when we ask for something.

I love the location too. The resort sit atop on the cliff and has a great view of the ocean. They also have a pool, and the kids were just loving it.  I have not been to their other resort but if I ever go back to Camotes Island, I would still prefer to stay at Santiago Bay and just go visit the other two.


Any thoughts?

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