Ramen, Smoothie and Candles

I was feeling a little bit low yesterday, was really not in the mood to work. Trying to decipher some codes when you are not in the mood is really hard to do. I tried to entertain myself by reading some of my favorite bloggers but it was making me more depressed seeing all those beautiful places that they have visited while I copped up in a little office. R and R were online on FB  so we were talking about several topics and whatnot, and then I remembered that yesterday was Candle Night Osaka. This event happens twice in a year, the first is in June and the second is around December. The 2 main location are Chayamachi Disctrict and Nishi Umeda ( West Umeda) .

But first Dinner. Ramen. It has been so long since I have a bowl of Ramen and one of famous places is Ippudo. My favorite though is still Mannen but the group decided on Ippudo and so it was.

20130606-084000.jpgMy Big Bowl of Ippudo Karamen ( Spicy Ippudo Ramen )[一風堂から麺].

The problem with Ramen, is the lingering taste of all those oil and most of the time I have a small cup of double scope at Baskin&Robbins, more cholesterol ;D but not this night. I had a very healthy (?) Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie with Tapioca toppings for dessert.

20130606-100905.jpgBelly is full time to walk around the Chayamachi for the Candle Night Event.

It was great reuniting with R and R, I was feeling a little bit more relaxed and ready to take on the world again :).

Now I need to get back to work 😀


Any thoughts?

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