Soul Searching in Seoul : The Food Part


I finally joined my very first company sponsored tour last year, February 2012 in Seoul. It was not 100% company sponsored though, but I still think I paid very cheap for it , though we did go there in the middle of winter.

So to make the story short, to Seoul we go, to the land of Kimchi. We did not do anything much on our first day, mostly it was just eating, drinking and more eating , all paid by the big bosses, Happy me ! 🙂

korea01 all you can Kimchi for lunch, what a good way to start the trip.


Hot spicy Korean meal for lunch on a  cold day

After our lunch courtesy of one of the boss, we went to our hotel and checked in. I wanted to check out the city but I have to wait for everybody to arrive. Our group came from Osaka, so we have to wait for the rest from Tokyo.

When everybody was already there, it was decided that we should have dinner first. It was so cold outside to venture out alone, so I went with everybody.


And it was the right decision, the simple dinner turned into a party. Everybody was having fun talking , eating , drinking and getting to know each other.


korea05After everybody was well fed, some decided to visit the local Casino , others were planning to call it a day and some were planning to visit the night market of Seoul. I invited myself 🙂 to join the latter group. The place was full of cheap clothing. Anybody who loves shopping would be in heaven in that place. A few hours of looking around we found a small place to eat at the side of the road.  Midnight snack time 🙂



Now we are set to eat. Itadakimasu.

It was a cold day in Seoul but with warm company, really good food, it was worth it.


Any thoughts?

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