Date Night, Sushi Night


Every now and then T and I would treat ourselves with some real delish plates of sushi. Tonight is one them.

The usual sushi place near the train station changed owners and they have some interesting additional items on their menu, like this one:

20130531-214019.jpgLooks good? Yeah it does, but I could not get pass the raw egg yolk and the sticky white thing underneath it. I think it is shredded(?) Yama Imo or Japanese Yam. The maki , according to T, is made of rice with cucumber and other stuff.  He is not sure what other stuff, he tried to make me eat it but I was feeling like a sissy :p

20130531-214025.jpgAnd of course I would never forget to order my Chawanmushi. Very very very good 🙂

The store is called 北海素材(Hokkai Sozai) and it looks like it can only be found around Osaka and one in Hyogo Area.

Happy Tummy.



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  1. Wow, I have never seen sushi with raw egg yolk before! I would also have given that one a skip, it does look very slimy!

    1. samokan says:

      my first too, they like to give it a twist 🙂

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