Hotel Review: JW Marriott Seoul

When I got my flight itinerary for our company tour in Seoul, South Korea last February 2012, I was excited when I saw where we were staying ; a Marriott Hotel. If it was a personal trip I probably would not be able to afford to stay there.

I really cannot review much about food, restaurant or services since we barely avail any of it. I think the travel agent booked a group plan there without breakfast. Pick up from and back to the airport was provided by the travel agent also, as well as a tour guide.

The lobby was nice and warm but I just could not get past this decoration.Lobby

It was grotesque. I believe it is a cow or maybe a bull and though I have great respect of the creature, this piece here greeting you at the lobby is just terrible.

But anyway, the hotel staff at the lobby were all nice and polite and very good in English so I did not have a hard time asking questions. Though looking at them, majority of them looks like they came out from a model magazine. Does the hotel hire only very good looking individuals?

Internet. There is internet available in every room but it is not free. You can only avail the free connection in the hotel lobby for certain amount of time. I think it was a maximum of 3 hours a day. So all us being geeks, stayed in the lobby to avail the internet.

There were only 3 girls in this trip and I think they decided to put us all together in 2 bedroom room with an extra small bed.  The three of us draw lots and guess who got the small bed, of course yours truly. I did not get the bed, but I used the tub every night. Yeah I have no complain with the toilet and bath, it was really nice.

Location. It is accessible. Near a the bus and subway line.

There is also a convenience store just a few minutes walk from the hotel, so if you get hungry at night then its no problem.

I discover at last day of my stay there that the hotel is connected/near to a big department store too.

It was a nice short stay at JW Marriott Seoul.

Any thoughts?

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