Hotel Review: Anika Island Resort

It is considered one of Sta Fe’s newest resort. A friend suggested this to me and looking at their website , it looks very promising. And it was.

The rooms are made from ship containers(recycled?), very tastefully done. Too bad I was not able to take some pictures of it but I was able to take some shots of the rooms view.

20130519-145638.jpgThe view from the balcony of their Garden View Rooms. The rooms were not that big. Good enough for 2 people but the balcony is very spacious with your own table with chairs and a nice couch.  Each room has its own faucet at the foot of the stairs where you can wash your feet before alighting your balcony.

20130519-145646.jpgLess than a minute walk to the beach.

The resort also offered free pick up to and from the Sta. Fe Wharf. Just give them a call or a text message when you get to Hagnaya Wharf.

The place was very well maintained and peaceful. No loud noises.

They also have their own restaurant, fresh catch are delivered everyday. Majority of the food were good. Their “Bistik” Tagalog needs a little bit of improvement, meat was chewy. The Halo Halo was terrible though. I hope they can improved it.

The staff were very polite and attentive.

All in all, I highly recommend staying at Anika’s. I’m sure you will greatly enjoy your stay at Bantayan Island.


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  1. Klee says:

    Was considering to stay at this resort, thanks for your info/ photos 🙂 did you book through Agoda or directly with them?

    1. samokan says:

      I booked directly with them.

  2. Jon says:

    Visiting Anika this August per recommendation of a friend. Excited with the photos and reviews I’ve seen so far. Looking forward to my trip.

    1. samokan says:

      Have fun 🙂 and hopefully you will enjoy your stay there as much as we did.

  3. We enjoyed our stay at Anika too, we like the way they re-used those 40-foot shipping containers and still managed to blend them with the environment. Great photos!

    1. samokan says:

      Thank you. If only more resort would follow their example of using recycled materials 🙂

  4. TBM says:

    Good to know and I love that they used ship containers. I wish more places would do this instead of building from scratch and wasting more precious resources.

    1. samokan says:

      That is on of the point that I like about this resort

  5. nice resort

    1. samokan says:

      It is , it is . Thanks for dropping by.

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