Buzzing at the Bee Farm

Friends from Bohol have recommended me to visit and try having at least one meal at Bohol Bee Farm. Fortunately fathers friend lend us their car with his nephew as our driver who also suggested the bee farm. I have always been interested in raising my own bees and I can be their queen, oopss, anyways it was good 15 minutes away from where we are staying but we had a bigger transportation this time so we were okay.

I love the place. It was my dream place. Did I mention that I really like the place? if not I really really like it.

20130515-092852.jpgThe small indoor pool.

20130515-092908.jpgView from the restaurant.

20130515-092922.jpgMother and Father negotiating with waiter for our lunch.

Warning!! lots of food that can make you hungry 🙂

20130515-092933.jpgThe flowery vegetable salad. Everybody was surprised when this came out. The vegetable are all organic all harvested from the farm.

20130515-092944.jpgI forgot what this was called. But it is liked a chip made of shredded and dried cassava ( I think).

20130515-092953.jpgSquash bread with two different spread. The yellow one is Honey butter and the green one is , opps I forgot again but both were really good.

20130515-093003.jpgYummy fresh spring roll.

20130515-093013.jpgCrabs in Coconut.

20130515-093024.jpgGrilled seafood. Heavenly good.

20130515-093032.jpgTomato pasta.

20130515-093043.jpgDessert. Malunggay and Tomato Ice Cream.

We have a bowl of red rice and seafood soup too. It was a really good lunch. Everybody was happy and really enjoyed the meal.

The store has lots of goodies to buy too all made from organic materials/ingredients. I have to stop myself from draining my credit card :).

If you ever decide to visit the Island of Bohol, make sure to at least grab a bite at Bohol Bee farm I can assure you will not be disappointed.


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  1. *Drooooooooool!*
    Kanus-a lang imu last visit sa Pinas girl? 😉

    1. samokan says:

      Adtong last week sa april to early May lang 🙂

      1. Kadyot raman diay ba. Dawbi nasulit ra? Haha! bakasyon pud ko Cebu pero mid-May pa kay. 😉 Wa jud ta gipag-sapon sa.

        1. samokan says:

          Oo one week ra gyud intawon , golden week mana nganhi sa Japan mao nga chance i-uli , sayang sa sunod puhon mag blogger meetup nya ta

          1. Aah, nindota sa Japan uy naa man jud Golden Week! Haha, lage2 agree jud ko anang meet up ba. Nakasapon pa jud dae ka sa election/campaign period diri’s Pinas sa, paita. Pinakahugaw/bati jud na nga season para ani atong nasod pero ge na lang uy…at least natambalan imung kamingaw gamay. Ayo2x dira Japan girl! 😉

            1. samokan says:

              Unfortunately peak season sab ang Golden Week so pwerteng mahala ang mga airline fare , mag timing timing gyud. Gina deadma ra man nako mg eleksyon noon , priority ang laag 🙂 Au au sab diha

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