Pasta Weekend

My mouth was watering when I saw Tami’s Roasted Tomato Pasta, I simply need to try it. I followed most of the procedure but made a little twist on it.


I added more veggies and a little chicken and cut some of the cheese. No cheese version.

20130513-091547.jpgWith Mozzarella cheese version.

It was very delicious and healthy.

I did not have balsamic vinegar this time, so the taste might have been different from the original version.

The veggie is comprised of chopped eggplants and minced carrots and kikuna(edible chrysanthemum). I also added some sliced fresh seaweed to it. Sound weird huh? but it still tasted really good and T loved it so I am happy :).

Try it and I am sure you will love and enjoy it.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tami McVey says:

    Your version looks incredibly delicious! Did you save me a serving to send by email? LOL

    1. samokan says:

      Thank you. LOL Yes, I am sure I left you some , somewhere, I will look for it 🙂

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