Exploring the Island of Panglao

This week Travel Theme is all about Beaches, very timely since that is what I visited mostly during my short visit back home.


When we arrived at Tagbiliran Port, the Little Boy ( My Cousins Son) and T were already very eager to jump into the blue waters of Bohol but of course we are still doing the countryside tour before heading to the beach.

So after 4 hours of traveling around in a cramp car, we finally arrived at our destination Alona Beach in Panglao Island.  The moment the little boy saw the pool at the hotel, he was more eager than ever. T tried to convinced him to check out the beach first but he has made up his mind already. After everything was settled, the Little Boy and his mom went to the pool, my mother was resting in their room and my father was nowhere to be found, as usual, he likes to wonder around. T and I decided to check out the beach.

We were disappointed.

It was another Sihanoukville but much cleaner and organized. The massage people were in groups and in uniform in a specific place, they don’t go wonder around bothering the guest. Prices were way to overpriced but still it was still beautiful in its own way.

Expensive hotels and resort lined along the shoreline of Alona Beach. Several even have their own musician playing during dinner. It does look romantic though. There were lots of stars out that evening too.

It was low tide when we got there. Seaweeds were all over the place. If want to really swim you have to go beyond the armada of bangka to really get a good swim. So we took a short stroll and head back to the hotel to met with the rest of the gang and search for cheaper restaurant for dinner.

20130511-202010.jpgBangka mostly owned by different hotels around the beach.

20130511-202117.jpgEnjoying a stroll along Alona Beach.

The next day we went for short island hopping around Balicasag Island and Virgin Island. Balicasag Island was a good 30 minutes boat ride from Alona Beach. The whole island is now considered a protected area.  The shoreline was full of destroyed corals, due to dynamite fishing.

The local fishermen were no longer allowed to fish so instead they are now working as lifeguards for people who visits the area. The big bangka (boats) are not allowed to anchor near the recovering corals, smaller boats have to be rented to take you snorkeling. Each person have to pay, as of this writing, 150 pesos. Snorkel can also be rented for 150 pesos each. The three boys went out snorkeling, we, the girls stayed in the shade and chatted with the locals and of course I totally forgot to take any pictures.

According to the boys, there are now lots of different fishes coming back. The corals are still far from back to its former glory but it’s looking good.  Stayed there for a good 2 hours, chatting and enjoying fresh seafood meal and of course the little boy was on the water most of the time.

Then we left for Virgin Island before returning to Panglao. It was still high tide so the whole area was still underwater. It seems that during low tide, a stretch of white sand comes up in the middle of the ocean.  I took some mediocre photo while I was inside the boat.

20130511-202157.jpgOther boat parked around the island and boys enjoying the water.

20130511-202141.jpgPart of the virigin island.

It was fun day with the family. We had a beautiful weather to go exploring. Life is good.



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  1. Villanueva says:

    nice place 🙂

    1. samokan says:

      It is.

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