Oh lala Pizza :)


I have been passing this Pizza Place this past few weeks and was really intrigue with it. I tried to convince T but since majority of the Pizza sold here in Japan are pork based he told me to investigate first , which I gladly did today during my lunch break.

Lunch buffet is 1000 yen during the weekday and 1200 yen on the weekend. You can also add 200 yen if you want to have unlimited access to some beverages.

The first floor was already full when I got there around 12 so they put us on the second floor which is actually a Jazz Bar restaurant called The Bar. Since I was alone, I was seated at the counter in the bar.

Anyways, let’s check out the food.


20130510-141455.jpgMy choices of side dishes consisting of different kind of veggies.

20130510-141449.jpgFirst round.  Veggie and some veggie pizza and pasta. The square one is actually sticky rice , don’t know what it’s called.

20130510-141503.jpgThe choices of side dishes.

20130510-141517.jpgEvery time a newly baked pizza is served it disappears so fast. Just before I left I was able to get some picture of  the remaining pizza.

Buffet is good for 90 minutes so you will have some time to enjoy some hot coffee or tea if you avail the drink bar.

Pizza was really good, I might drag T there again soon 🙂






Any thoughts?

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