Hotel Review: Star Wood Inn


Starwood Inn is a hotel located in the Phnom Penh. It is very convenient to some of the local attraction. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

They also offer free pick-up from the airport BUT if you arrive very late at night, they will send somebody to pick you at your own expense. We arrived in Phnom Penh around midnight already and the resident Tuk-tuk driver of the hotel was there patiently waiting for us. Although it was no longer free, we were still very grateful since we don’t need to haggle with the drivers and just be on our way to the hotel and rest.

Food was decent enough. Although if you are on a hurry to leave in the morning make sure you have enough time since it will take them a little while to prepare your meal.

Rooms. The room that was assigned to us was spacious and clean. The hallway and the stairs could use a little vacuuming. Basic amenities like soap, toothbrush, towel are provided too. The bathroom was also spacious and clean. Hot and cold water is available for shower.

Location. Shops , restaurant and bars are just walking distance from the hotel. So it could get a little bit noisy sometimes. The first night when we got there, the bar\restaurant in front of the hotel was closed so it was fairly quiet but the next day, they were open and where partying till dawn and since our room was directly in front of it, we barely got any sleep even though we closed the windows and curtains.

The hotel accepts credit card payments but they prefer cash.

Overall, I would recommend Starwood Inn.



Any thoughts?

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