Up close and personal with Choco hills and Mr. Tarsier


When you say Bohol, first thing that will come to mind is the infamous Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers- the world’s smallest monkey.

I have been to the island 2-3 times already but this time it’s with the family and T. We barely fit into the car since my cousin decided to join us for the last minute.  We arrived in Tagbiliran port around noon, had a short lunch and we are on our way to check the hills.

On the way, we passed several of the tourist destination and decided to stop at Blood Compact, Baclayon Church, and the Python wherein T and I decided not the go inside instead had some really nice Buko Ice pops ( Buko Ice Candy).

20130508-143002.jpgThe monument in commemoration of start of Spanish Occupation in Bohol :p



Baclayon Church , consider as one of the oldest church in the country.




20130508-142919.jpgThe infamous Chocolate Hills.

On our way down, we had a short stop at the Tarsier Conservation Center (?)

20130508-142949.jpgOne of the few Tarsier that came out to greet some guest.

Tarsier , Choco hills , Pythoon viewing are not free. Going inside the church is free but if you decide to check the museum then you need to pay a certain amount.

Then it’s time to check Panglao Island.




Any thoughts?

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