The Meetup Connection

When I moved to Tokyo in 2009, I wanted to do things or to visit places not found in tourist website. I wanted to eat food that are home-cooked and not foreign catered. Tokyo offers a lot of things to do for a foreigner, lots of trendy places to eat , clubs, bar but I found this boring and superficial already.

Searching through the World Wide Web, I found Meetup website. There are lots of groups with varying interest from language exchange to book reviews. I joined several of these group but was only able to actually join the Water Walk group.  I joined two events: Yaho Tenjin and Nobidome walk. I wanted to join more events but unfortunately the original organizer stepped down since she was going home, so the group was put on hold but it seems that they are back again unfortunately I am already in Osaka.  It was one the event that I met a very dear friend M-san.

After a year of returning in Osaka, I search again for possible meetup, it is not as varied as that of Tokyo but there are some interesting group. I have joined several groups already but managed only to actually join 2 events, one of which I accidentally hosted.

It was fun meeting new faces again sharing the same interest.  No commitment.   No expectations. Just pure fun.  Actually I “accidentally” hosted another event again 🙂

Any meetup group around your area?


Any thoughts?

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