Comfort Food; Yakitori (Grilled Chicken)

Taking the free 3000 yen card to the nearest branch of Daikichi, T and I had a lovely time savoring every bite.

We were both famished that I totally forgot to take a single picture. So I am borrowing pictures some from the website.

Chicken Liver

My favorite, I always order a stick of two every time we go there.

Chicken Gizzard
Chicken Hears

T’s favorite. I think he ordered 4 sticks this time.

Fried Chicken Wings
Chicken Basil

This one is sooooooo goood.

Chicken Cheese
Tsukune Soup
Yuzu Chicken

Very spicy and very yummy.

The branch also have some skewered beef (牛串), which I did not find in the webpages menu but it is very very good.

Yes we ate more than 3000 yen but it was a very good dinner. I am looking forward to going back there again.

The webpage is in Japanese though,  you can the store locator to know the one nearest to you.

Happy Eating 😀


Any thoughts?

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