Going Vegan?

To continue with the foodie adventure , I convinced T that we need to join a small anniversary party of Raw8 Cafe organized by the Meetup’s Kansai Vegan. It was a bit pricey , 3000 yen ($30) per person and it was worth it.

20130415-082139.jpgThe welcome drink: pineapple with soda and fresh mint. It was really good and refreshing. I wanted to have a second one but we are only given one serving, darn 🙂

Next different choices of fresh salad:


A mixture of apple and some other vegetables :).  The chef was very busy putting out food and making the rest of the meal that I did not have the chance to ask her for detailed ingredients.

20130415-092456.jpgThis is my favorite among all the salad that was served. T and I just could not stop eating it.  The ingredients that I recognized was 菜の花(Rape Blossoms) , Corn and Peanut butter.


Another very tasty salad .

20130415-082207.jpgPasta? Nope. Its made of Daikon(Horse Radish) and the green sauce is made of 春菊(crown daisy). Very healthy and very yummy.

20130415-082213.jpgVeggie Maki or Rolled Vegetable. Another delicious treat.

20130415-082232.jpgI totally forgot the name of this green leafy vegetable, but it was fried and tasted oh so good.

20130415-082221.jpgGenmai(Brown Rice) Pasta. Another favorite dish of mine.


Another plate of Genmai Pasta.

20130415-082238.jpg3 kinds of cake for dessert. Chocolate cake, Sakura Cake and Kiwi Cake and some homemade chocolate. The shell shaped one has buckwheat seeds inside.

It was a well – spent Sunday afternoon. This event just proved that Healthy can be very delicious too.

Am I going to switched to Vegan Life? Not really, I still like my greasy meat but eating healthy every now and then is not so bad 🙂

Raw8 Cafe only opens every Tuesday from 11 am to 6 pm. The cafe is under the Hankyu Railroad track but we can barely feel the shake when a train pass by.


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  1. Rape Blossoms… *chuckles*

    1. samokan says:

      Yes, I don’t know if its the right translation though 🙂

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