More KitKat Japan

T got them from one of his clients, I have not found them in the supermarket but they are supposed to be limited edition flavors.


Kuro Mitsu or Brown Sugar Syrup flavor ( have not tried it yet)

Wasabi , still building my courage to eat this one

Amaou Strawberry , it was okay

Uji Green Tea (soon to be eatean)


Shinsui Apple


Houji Tea (soon)


Beni-Imo (Yam), surprisingly good

20130410-131342.jpgStrawberry Cheese Cake (So-So)


Yatsuhashi (Cinnamon) from Kyoto. I think when I had this one, I was still partial to Cinnamon so I don’t think I liked it much.

Chili Flavor, this one I liked. Very good 🙂

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8 thoughts on “More KitKat Japan

  1. My mouth is officially watering–and I wanna taste the Wasabi one! Woooo… 😀 😀 😀

  2. How fun. Hope you like the rest

  3. koalamunchies

    most of them are limited by region so would be hard to he depending where you are – the kuromitsu one looks like the Tokyo only and the wasabi one is Shizuoka only

  4. The apple ones are really good! Too bad they are indeed “limited edition”, which means that they are way more expensive and only available in a certain region. (My favorite ones are the Yatsuhashi KitKat from Kyoto – they are amazing!)

    • Really, I should eat it then. I think I had it already and I forgot to post the picture, I vaguely remember if I liked it though 🙂
      Yeah they are pricey,luckily though the BF has some gig at Nestle so sometimes he get some freebies and it all goes to me 🙂
      But I still wait for some sale in the supermarket or pharmacies and buy it from there.

      PS. Just updated, I found it 🙂

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