Pimp my ride


I have no idea how to “pimp” a ride, but I just like that phrase so I am using that as I title.

Last week, I went to a met a prospective client together with my company manager and some other engineers.  From our branch office in Kobe to Company F, we took a car going there.

Mr. M :  Is it free to park in this building?

Mr. T: No, I am paying about $200 a month to park my car here.

Car Parking is not free in Japan.

Big companies who owns there own building have their own parking area but are limited, so if you lucky and there is space then well and good if not, paid parking you go.

If the company is only renting an office in a building, and if you are planning to go to work on a car well be prepared to pay and extra amount for parking.

The same goes when renting an apartment. Car parking is not free.  Bicycle is almost always free but car, definitely NO.

The average is usually around 200$ a month but may vary depending on location.

Department store are not free too but if you shop, from a certain amount you can avail a couple of hours of free parking.  I saw a girl once, who bought a dollar worth of candy just so she can get avail the free car parking, clever.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. TBM says:

    One dollar for candy for free parking. that is clever.

    1. samokan says:

      Yes, I was really impressed .

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