Life’s a Beach?

It’s a cold, cloudy  Saturday morning here in Osaka and it made me want to go somewhere warm like maybe a beach and enjoy a cold mango shake or coconut juice. It’s making me miss home – Philippines.

I was looking through some of my pictures from my vacation last year and it made me just want to hop onto a plane and go home for a weekend. I wish I could do that.

I posted some pictures in my previous post  , but here are more detailed picture of the island called Camotes.

camotes_portThe port of Camotes Island. It is probably one the cleanest port I seen so far. The water is so clear and pristine , I wish the Island would maintain it that way.

camotes_rideThe Baywalk area. It  is located in the center of town, where you can get some supplies. Farmers would bring there produce here. That is our ride. Cool huh?. An open air ride, eco-friendly. I am the one in the farthest back, trying not to melt.  I wanted to go out and explore the area, but I felt that I was about to melt in a few minutes. Even my cousins who are used to the heat would not even venture out :).


One of the view from our resort.

camotes_santiago_bayResortSantiago Bay Resort. Built on top of this rocky shoreline, they really have a beautiful view of the Island, at least a part of it.

camotes_cousinMy little cousin on his early morning swim. The water was really cool and refreshing.


Sunrise on the beach. One of my favorite moment. Peaceful and quiet.

camotes_sunriseJust before sun came up, a nice stroll at the beach.

camotes_sandHmm , I am really not sure what it was. Sea creature poop? I did not touch it, I swear 🙂


Beach volley anyone?

camotes_beachandCloudsClear blue water on a Sunny day.

I so counting the days already on my next vacay to home 🙂


Any thoughts?

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