The geek in me

I confess, I like robots better than dolls. I never found dolls interesting, even if I have to dress them up or whatever, it’s just boring. Mother got me some dolls when I was a kid but I vaguely remember playing with it.

I remember when I got my first calculator, the first thing I did when I arrived in our house from the store, it to get a screw driver and opened it. Both my parents where very surprise when they saw me slump in our floor, screws and calculator parts scattered all over the floor. I think they did not know how to react, so they just basically told me to put it back properly because they are not getting me a new one, and I did.

Right now I have my fill with opening up electronics so I contend myself with building robots instead. One of my favorite characters to build are from the Gundam Series.

For my birthday last year, T got me my favorite Wing Zero and I think I finished assembling it after a day and a half. I have to stopped cause I sliced one of my finger. I still want the bigger version of this one, maybe when I have a proper place for it.

T was jealous, and even though he does not read or watch the anime, he likes the models. So he got this Gundam Unicorn but I ended building it for him. This is still incomplete though, I still have to assemble all its weapons and attached it to the main body.

Presenting Wing Zero and Unicorn (unfinished).


Any thoughts?

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